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Here are links to a variety of legal websites that have information you may find useful and interesting, whether as part of your evaluation in selecting legal representation or for general interest. This is not a comprehensive set of links, but rather a starting point for exploring topics of interest. We have also provided articles of general interest that you may find useful on the following topics: Estate Planning and Elder Law Planning.

Please note: These links below and other resources accessible from this page are offered for information purposes only and are not to be construed to create an attorney-client relationship in any way.

New York State Government Web Sites:
The New York Legislative branch of government has several Web sites of interest. The New York State Assembly provides a gateway to the state’s legislative process. Find out about new proposed and enacted laws and how they will affect you. Get information and communicate with your state assembly representative. The New York State Senate provides similar access to the state’s other legislative body. You can track particular legislation of interest and get direct access to the Consolidated Laws of New York (the state’s statutes) at the state Legislative Session Information page.

The Governor of New York also has a Web site.

The New York State Unified Court System has a Web site for the courts of New York State. Find here an overview of the courts of New York and a discussion of how they relate. This site provides access to downloadable official court forms and information about filing fees. Additionally, you can find information about attorneys registered to practice law in the state. If you find yourself called to jury duty, you can find information about the role of jurors and juries, and check your on-call status here (usually with quicker access than the phone-in system).

The state Attorney General serves as head of the New York State Department of Law. The Attorney General is the state’s chief legal officer and represents the state in court proceedings. The Attorney General also serves as the guardian of the legal rights of the citizens of New York, its organizations and its natural resources. The Web site of the Attorney General contains links to resources in areas such as consumer fraud, identity theft, the state’s Freedom of Information law, investor protection, and franchise information.

The Banking Department regulates state-chartered banks and other state-licensed financial entities operating in New York. (Many banks and other financial institutions are chartered by the federal government and are subject to regulation by various federal agencies.)

The State Comptroller is the state’s chief financial officer. In addition, the Comptroller’s office is the depository for lost and unclaimed property (escheated property) that is turned over to the state, as required by state law. This property includes refunds never claimed, paychecks never cashed, etc. The Comptroller’s Web site offers access to information about the funds it holds, allows you to search through the unclaimed property database to see if the state holds your property, and outlines the procedures for reclaiming the property.

The Insurance Department regulates the insurance industry of New York. Find out about insurance agents and brokers, get information about filing a complaint with the department, and get resources for auto and health insurance.

The Department of Motor Vehicles Web site provides information about driver licensing, motor vehicle registration, and information about fines and penalties for vehicle and traffic violations, and other topics. The DMV Services page provides links to access some of the DMV’s most frequently used services and enables many transactions to be performed online.

The Department of State has a Web site that brings functions of this department online to interested researchers. You can find information about corporations or other business entities, research the requirements for occupations and professions licensed through the DOS, and a person’s license status.

New York Local Government Web Sites:
The Web site of Suffolk County, New York, offers access to information about county government officials and services, doing business in the county, tourism, and other topics relating to the county.

The Nassau County, New York, Web site provides a gateway to government officials, county departments, and other information about the county.

The New York City Web site offers a variety of government, business, and tourism resources.

Federal Government Web Sites:
The U.S. Government Printing Office maintains GPO Access, a gateway to legal information from the three branches of the federal government – legislative (the U.S. Congress), Executive (the President), and judicial (the courts). Use this Web site to locate federal regulations, bills before Congress, recently enacted legislation, and Presidential documents.

The Supreme Court of the United States website provides access to the court’s docket, as well as recently decided cases.

The IRS Web site contains thousands of pages of official guidance from America’s premier taxing authority, as well as understandable and accessible topics and fact sheets. One popular aspect of this Web site is the Forms and Publications page, which provides ready access to hundreds of IRS forms and publications in PDF format. Many of these forms are “fill-in” forms – no writing to the IRS or visiting the Post Office to get the forms you need!

Legal Profession Web sites:
The American Bar Association is a professional association for attorneys across the U.S.

The New York State Bar Association is the statewide professional organization for attorneys.

The Nassau County Bar Association is the professional association for attorneys in Nassau County, New York.

The Suffolk County Bar Association is the professional association for attorneys in Suffolk County, New York.

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